A Review Of The Legacy For Life Income Opportunity

Legacy For Life has a slogan of “Beyond Nutrition,” and offers distributors “a healthy body” along with a “fat bank account.” The company sells health, wellness, and nutrition through its supplements. Legacy For Life began in the 1980s when DuPont and ConAgra joined forces to do research into products that could benefit the health of both humans and animals.

Legacy For Life in the 1990s acquired patents for their products, born of research into egg technology. That’s right, their formulas are based on some immune factors a hen can pass on when she lays an egg. By 1995, ConAgra and DuPont had decided to bring a product with egg technology to the market. By 1998 a product called i26® was created and ready to be distributed via direct sales to those interested in health foods and supplements.

Legacy For Life is currently a nutraceutical company with offices all over the world distributing its product in more than 25 countries. Their offices are based in the United States, Hong Kong, Canada, Korea, and Taiwan.

Legacy For Life isn’t just about egg products. Their new line is called TrimBerry Extreme. Focused on health and wealth, Legacy For Life is keen on attracting distributors who want the freedom of a home-based business.

Legacy For Life is based in Melbourne, Florida and offers daily tours for those who set them up in advance by contacting the corporate headquarters. The company owners are Randy and Connie Calvert with backgrounds in law, accounting, and banking. Randy Calvert has worked in the multi-level marketing industry for over ten years. The Calverts’ company has a mission statement of offering customers and distributors “Prosperity with Purpose.”

The Legacy For Life belief is that people need more nutrition than just what they get from their diet. Hence why their supplements are necessary. Depending on which dietician you talk to, this may or may not be true. Usually what people hear in the news is that we get enough nutrition from our diets and supplements aren’t needed, so you could be in for a tough sell.

Legacy For Life products are divided into different categories: immune health, weight management, skincare, anti-aging, and joint health. Human health isn’t the only focus at Legacy For Life-animal health is also a priority. Companion animals, namely dogs and cats, have supplements tailored for them too.

Legacy For Life promises that distributors don’t need prior experience, that full training is provided, and that you can start earning money your first week. Retail profits for distributors mean 10-20% commission from customers the distributor personally enrolls in the program. There are also multiple levels of bonuses that distributors can earn. Another thing Legacy For Life does is offer shares in a pool for those who are able to enroll more people. It’s just another way of adding incentive and motivation by giving out bonuses.

Like most MLM companies, Legacy For Life puts on conferences for its distributors. They also offer trips and cruises for top distributors. Wanting to make a difference in the world drives company values. So if you want to join an MLM company that has health and wellness as its focus along with the traditional wealth focus that every MLM has, then Legacy For Life is for you.