Building a Lasting Legacy

I had a discussion with a friend the other day and the discussion was about having a legacy. It was interesting in the fact that we had very different views of what a legacy is. I never really thought about it much but this conversation brought to light to me what makes this world so interesting.

I don’t think it was so much that I just took it for granted that everyone thought the same as I do about what a legacy was and how to go about building that legacy.

When the discussion opened I realized right away that my friend looked at the children being raised AS the actual legacy.

I on the other hand was building a legacy FOR the kids to build on, remember me by and to hopefully follow in my philanthropic foot steps.

These are totally different views and the implications that started rolling through my brain kept me thinking for quite a while. In building a legacy the way that I saw it, I would have control of the legacy that I left. That’s what I thought but anyone can think what they want about the legacy I leave. So once again “control” is out of the question.

People are so different and individual that when you think of them as being a legacy they can really be anything that they want. Sometimes people make the wrong turn or get influenced by the wrong people and then what happens to the legacy that was so carefully nurtured over the years?

I am going to stick with my reasoning of what a legacy is in this next portion of this article. I am not saying that this is how you think of a legacy for your self, but what I am hoping is that it will make us all think of what we leave behind on this earth.

I believe that none of us are ever actually gone. Not only do we remain to fertilize the soil but our essence is in everything that our lives touch. The memories that we make, the photos we are in, the beauty that we create whether it be art, gardening, the magic of being a special friend, or having a life time love.

I think that growing a legacy is very important but giving that legacy value and making it valuable to others is what will make it grow even beyond our life time. Instilling the seed in others of its value and finding people who believe.

Instilling our passion in others is a really great way of leaving a lasting legacy. Starting an organization or group that is focused on charitable work is another great way. Getting involved in the community can be a great way to get anything started and have something to build on because a strong foundation is necessary to build strong walls.

One of our legacies will be a foundation for alternative cancer research that will be named for my husbands’ sister who died of cancer. Another legacy I hope to leave behind is the word of health and wellness and to let people know that Holistic Medicine can be very effective.