Legacy For Life MLM – Is the Legacy For Life MLM a Legitimate Opportunity?

The Legacy For Life MLM is a very unique opportunity for the prospective marketer. Certainly, this company is raising some eyebrows in the MLM world. They have a breakthrough product called Immune 26 or abbreviated as i26. Also, the company is owned and operated by Randy Calvert a true business professional.

In this industry one must always be WEARY of the latest and great health craze. Certainly, a solid and profitable opportunity must have the core PRINCIPLES in place if there is any chance of success. Vital to this is a niche product and an extremely STRONG management team.


Any GREAT network marketing company has been founded on a truly revolutionary product. From Amway to MonaVie, all long-lasting network marketing companies have a solid product that is VALUABLE to the consumer. It must also be affordable, while delivering on all of the claims that it promises. In this area it seems that Legacy For Life shows a fair amount of promise.

Their Immune 26 product claims to revolutionize immune system care. claims The company’s website really gives i26 a lot of credit. Can this product truly live up to the HYPE though? this question will surely be answered in the future as more people experience the product. Legacy For Life did not stop with i26 though. They offer a wide range of products that help contribute to the overall health of the individual.


SERIOUSLY, leadership is above all the most important thing to consider when joining any network marketing opportunity. When reviewing Legacy for Life’s leadership team I do see some good signs. Randy Calvert, Owner of the Legacy For Life MLM, brings a solid background in professional business. As a lawyer and CPA, it is likely that he will be equipped to make good business decisions.

I do wonder if there is enough Network Marketing Experience within this leadership team to take this company to the level of success that a new distributor would expect. The Legacy For Life management team does boast a well rounded range of skills for running business in general which makes gives me optimism towards the company’s future. We will have to wait for the future to tell us whether the lack of MLM experience will be a hindrance for the company.


Overall, the outlook for this company seems to be positive. this company seems to have a good product and a well-equipped management team. Only time will tell whether this company will be able to overcome its thin MLM experience. After years of experience in the MLM industry I have seen multitudes of people fail in great network marketing opportunities without the proper MENTORSHIP and COACHING. No matter what opportunity you are in success will only be obtained with good mentor. Someone who has blazed the trail will without a doubt be able to help the person just starting out in Legacy for life.