Legacy For Life – The Legacy For Life Review

Legacy of Life is an MLM company that has been around since about 1998. The company is a vehicle of distribution for a group of health and wellness products specifically having to do with the health of the immune system.

Products Offered
Members of the group sell products such as Immune26 also known as i26. This product line includes the following items:

  • i26 Powder
  • i26 Capsules
  • i26 FIT Shake
  • i26 COMPLETE Support – Dietary supplement

The i26 line is the primary product line although they also have products for aging, skin cleaners, joint health and even cat chewables that do not fall into this product line.

Is Legacy For Life a Viable Opportunity?

Just like any MLM opportunity the indicators of whether or not it is viable are determined by; if it has the ability to grow; and if it has long term staying power. There are a few characteristics of a company that should be considered when making this determination.

Does the leadership have some expertise in the industry for the product that they are selling?

The owner of Legacy For Life is, Glen Winkel, PhD, an expert in fitness and health. Mr Winkel also trains individuals in business development through his company Professional Development Resources (PDR). It is obvious that he is a leader in his field and has some extensive knowledge of business development. These skills are definitely a plus for the leadership of a company such as this.

Do they have extensive knowledge of the network marketing industry?

Although Mr Winkel is quite versed in business management, it is not clear what connection he has in the network marketing industry. However, since it’s inception, Legacy for Life has continued to grow and has attracted some leaders in the industry. This will go a long way in helping the company to remain sustainable.

Is there a Marketing System that their members can easily plug into?

This MLM opportunity has some training and back office support, however, each distributor is solely responsible for their marketing campaign. So, if you don’t already have some marketing experience or a list to market to, you will need to plug into a marketing system that will allow you to be successful.